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“हाम्रो म्याग्दी, हाम्रो गौरब”

Myagdi District

Myagdi District, Nepal

Myagdi District with 41 Villages Development Committee (VDC) a part of Dhawlagiri Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Beni as its district headquarters, covers an area of 2,297 km, had a population of 113,641 in 2011. Myagdi district is one of the most popular destination for tourism. The world famous Poon Hill lies in the Shikha VDC of this district. Ghorepani is another attraction for travellers. The flora and fauna of this district is unique. Not only in natural resources, it is rich in cultural heritage. Tatopani Hot Spring is another attraction of Myagdi.

Myagdi District, Nepal

About Association

This society was unofficially formed as Myagdi Samaj Sewa Samiti in 1998 by some enthusiastic myagdeli residing in Aldershot, UK. It was then officially established as Myagdi Overseas Nepalese Association UK (MONA UK) in 2006. This is non-profitable society with the vision of making unity and share our news and views amongst all Myagdeli in UK and around the world. This Society is also actively engaged in providing support to those Myagdile in UK who is in need of any help and for the development of Myagdi District back in Nepal such as the recent provision of 3 x Ambulances to the District from the MONA UK.


The purpose of the MONA UK is to preserve and strengthen Myagdeli cultural heritage and a social bonding amongst all those members who have come from the Myagdi District and living in the UK. Through our strong network support and collective works, MONA UK aims to closely interact with all other Myagdeli associations around the world with the message to stay as close as possible with our homeland back in Nepal.


The MONA UK ASSOCIATION history goes back to 90’s when a small number of Myagdeli migrated into UK in the context of finding employment opportunities and settlement. Those small numbers of enthusiastic Myagdel living in the Aldershot unofficially formed Myagdi samaj Sewa Samittee (1998) with an aim to help each other when needed.

When at last the British Government granted settlement VISA to all Ex Gurkhas, there was a rapid increase of Myagdeli in UK. It was then officially named as “MYAGDI OVERSEAS NEPALESE ASSOCIATION (MONA UK) in 2006. Since then, the association is maturing day by day.

The association shall have its own constitution in English, Emblem, Flag, Stamp and Letterhead.

Our Objective are…!!

  • To promote Myagdi district and Myagdi interest abroad.
  • To preserve and maintain cultural heritage of Myagdeli people.
  • To strengthen community bonds and fellowships in the Nepali community.
  • To promote Nepal and Nepali causes in the local community.
  • To help Myagdeli and Nepali people in time of needs and difficulties.
  • To foster a good relationship among the Myagdelis and other Nepalese associations in the UK
  • To make an effort to provide help and support if natural disaster or tragedy occurs back home in Myagdi district.
  • To work and maintain a close contact with MONA central committee Nepal and International Contact Committee.
  • To promote and establish good relationship with local offices and County Councillors accordingly.
  • To respect and honour those who have achieved outstanding in any areas of personal development and those who have made special contributions towards the association and Nepal as a whole.
  • To arrange and conduct conferences, seminars and workshop on special important topics i.e. drug awareness/ life in the UK and invite intellectual/ professional and academician related to those subject for lecture and briefing.
  • To give high preference on all areas development of MONA UK in the field of social, economic, academic (Student obtaining 5A and above in GCSE and those graduated or achieved similar qualification) and cultural aspects.
  • To make continue effort to publish newsletter and bulletin on association activities where possible.
  • Help Myagdelis Template as shown at Annex A is self explanatory and it should be applied when incident occurs. (Demise of member and their dependants)


With Mr Minbahadur Sherchan during his visit in UK 2015



Late Tul bahadur VC with HQBG Offrs
Sgt Dip Prasad Pun receiving CGC from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
Dr Mahabir Pun receiving award for his Nepal Wireless networking project
Min bahadure Sherchan ( Oldest person in the world who climbed Mount Everest at the age of 76 yrs)

“Executive Board Members “

President – Mr Prakash Paudel [/quote]

Kamal Purja Dana VDC Myagdi, An ex servicemen, currently living Eastleigh, Southampton Email: kpurja8386@yahoo.co.uk
Dal Jugjali Bima VDC Myagdi An ex servicemen currently living Wales Email: Vice-President
<strong>Vice-President - Women</strong>
Shanta Gauchan Ghatan VDC Myagdi Wife of An Ex servicemen, currently living in Ashford Email: santa.gauchan@hotmail.co.uk Vice-President - Women
Khim Sherchan Patalikhet VDC Myagdi Ex servicemen, currently living in London, Email: khimsherchan@gmail.com  Secretary
Kishan GC Arthunge VDC 9 Myagdi Hotel Management currently living in Woking Berkshire Email: gckishan11@yahoo.com Treasurer
Giri Thapa Barangja VDC Myagdi Ex servicemen, currently living in Sandhurst Berkshire Email: jptk_thapa77@hotmail.co.uk Vice-Treasurer

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A Word About Myagdi:

MYAGDI is a mountainous district where the famous Dhaulagiri Mountain range lies. It has wide geographical variation that results in its bio-diversity. It is rich in natural resources: like natural beauty, forest, wild animals, Minerals, Herbals plants, water resources etc. “OUR MYAGDI OUR PRIDE”

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MyangdiThis WWW.MONAUK.COM is Sponsored by Capt (Rtd) Durga Ramjali in memory of his late Parents from Kuhun VDC Myagdi, Nepal”.
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